A Man Thought He Lost Everything In The California Wildfires. Then Deputies Found His Cat.

Milo the cat was reunited with his owner after being found slightly singed and meowing underneath a car.

A California man who lost everything after a wildfire tore through his neighborhood was reunited with his cat Thursday thanks to social media and the work of sheriff's deputies.

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Ed Ratliff, 68, had been looking for his cat Milo since his Santa Rosa home was destroyed in the early hours of Monday.

Days later, Sonoma Sheriff's deputies were patrolling in the area of Ratliff's home when they heard meowing.

At first, Milo was pretty suspicious.

But some patience — and a treat — finally convinced him to come out.

He allowed deputies to put a leash on him and take him to Sonoma County Animal Services — who posted a photo which was then seen by Ratliff's relatives in Southern California.

Ratliff was reunited with Milo — the only piece of his old life that survived the fire.

Ratliff told Fox 40 that he's thrilled to have Milo back — who's not like other cats.

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