A Man Tackled The Confederate Flag During A Protest On Live TV

Members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party were protesting a speech by the activist who famously took down the Confederate flag from the state capitol — and it was captured on live TV.

A sprinting man jumped and tackled a Confederate flag being waved at a protest in South Carolina on Wednesday — and it was captured by live TV.

Protesters had gathered outside a lecture at the College of Charleston by activist Bree Newsome.

Officer from @CofC_DPS gets ready for possible protests by Confederate flag supporters who oppose a guest speaker.… https://t.co/EkB5qCD98I

Newsome famously climbed the flagpole at the South Carolina State House in 2015 and took down the Confederate battle flag in protest of white supremacy.

Her actions were prompted by the murders of nine people at Emanuel AME Church. Their deaths were classified as a hate crime, for which gunman Dylann Roof — who posed with the Confederate flag — was sentenced to death.

"Refusing to accept the premise of this image – that white supremacy is supreme, untouchable and invincible – [Newsome] scaled the 30ft flagpole in front of the SC statehouse and removed the “stars and bars” declaring, 'This flag comes down today!'" an event description on the college website read.

Outside, members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party protested. The group proudly hails itself as the leading support group of the Confederate flag.


"The College of Charleston has stooped to a new low in the Culture War. They have invited criminal and vandal Bree Newsome to speak at the College of Charleston to deliver a lecture titled 'Tearing Hatred From The Sky,'" the group wrote on Facebook.

"This attempt to legitimize crime, validate violence, and normalize vandalism cannot be unanswered. We invite everyone to join us outside the theatre in a show of solidarity with the 20,000+ Confederate South Carolinians who died defending the College that now insults them."

They were met with counter protesters, and as a local news reporter described the scene to viewers, one counter protester hopped a barricade and tackled a flag being waved by a Secessionist Party member.

He was then arrested by Charleston police on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

Police identified him as Muhiyidin Moye, a Black Lives Matter leader in Charleston.

CPD charges Muhiyidin Moye with disorderly conduct outside of venue where Bree Newsome is scheduled to speak.

The group Showing Up For Racial Justice Charleston put up $2,000 for his bail, the Post and Courier reported.

Meanwhile, the Secessionist Party called their protest a victory.

Facebook: scsecessionistparty

"Despite being attacked by a protestor and the pole carrying her being broken, the Southern Cross of St. Andrew stood in defiance of criminal Bree Newsome."

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