A CNN Anchor Got His Ear Pierced During The Live New Year's Eve Broadcast

It's been a weird year.

CNN counted down to 2017 on Saturday with anchors posted at celebrations around the country. There was booze. Lots of booze.

.@donlemon and @BrookeBCNN are still drinking tequila in New Orleans. Less than 2-hours to go! #CNNNYE https://t.co/vDDHMBdfvW

Possibly having the most fun? Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon at New Orlean's Spotted Cat Music Club.

We’re in New Orleans with @donlemon and @BrookeBCNN celebrating New Year’s Eve https://t.co/YGfi3ZvhHp

For some reason, Lemon teased that he'd be getting a tattoo or piercing ~somewhere~ during the broadcast.

So the tattoo/piercing artist is here w/ me & @brookebcnn. Which will it be & where? Live on #cnnnye… https://t.co/d8pqGHOIvg

So if you've ever imagined what Don Lemon would look like getting his ear pierced, here you go.



He went with a cute fleur de lis, in tribute to NOLA.

But why? Baldwin explains: Tequila.


Cheers, Don!

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