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11 Photos That Show The Human Side Of The Fight Against Zika In Salvador

The faces behind the numbers.

Posted on March 8, 2016, at 2:15 p.m. ET

Photographer Mauricio Susin took a series of photos on the Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya epidemics, each of which is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito in Salvador.

The following pictures and descriptions were taken from his Instagram profile.

1. On February 13, 6.6 thousand soldiers were mobilized to fight against Aedes aegypti in Bahia.

Instagram: @maususin1

These officers work together to prepare for the fight with repellent.

2. They visited neighborhoods going door-to-door.

Instagram: @maususin1

Military and health officials went to each house to train inhabitants in how to fight against the mosquitoes and identify possible places where they can reproduce.

3. Many of the people the soldiers visited already had the disease.

Instagram: @maususin1

Antonio, 8 years old, lives in one of the houses visited by the military. The house was abandoned and facilities were poor, and his mother and sister had zika last year.

4. Evanilda and Ana live in one of the poor parts of the city. Last year they had Zika, like many of their neighbors.

Instagram: @maususin1

5. Local residents run a high risk.

Instagram: @maususin1

Valdijane and her family share an abandoned house with other families. Many of the occupants have had Dengue or Zika.

6. Pregnant women are more at risk

Instagram: @maususin1

Janaína, who is pregnant, waits for treatment at the Irmã Dulce Hospital in Salvador, where her baby will be tested for Microcephaly. The exact relationship between Zika and Microcephaly is not clear, but all evidence points to a connection.

7. As of mid-February, the Health Ministry counted 3,852 suspected cases of Microcephaly, reported since October 2015.

Instagram: @maususin1

Leandro and Jailma with their baby who was born with Microcephaly. They live in a rural community, 500 kilometers from Salvador, where they have to go every week for medical supervision.

8. In addition to instructional orientations, people are finding their own ways to deal with the mosquito and the threat of the virus.

Instagram: @maususin1

Seu Idelfonso, 64, is a shoemaker in Pelourinho, in the center of Salvador. He has his own recipe for repellent, which includes avocado, cooking oil, and kerosene.

9. And working to help the community

Instagram: @maususin1

Valmir is 20 years old and is a bricklayer. In his free time, he organizes volunteers to help neighbors to identify and eliminate areas where mosquitoes can incubate.

10. Mother Marta de Iansã shows the photographer a "spiritual cure" ritual, using aroeira leaves and calling for aid from Iansã

Instagram: @maususin1

11. The WHO projects that 4 million cases of Zika will occur in the Americas. 1.5 million of them will be in Brazil.

Instagram: @maususin1

Lucas is 4 years old and lives in one of the at-risk areas in Salvador. He is part of the population that is most vulnerable to catching the virus.