The First Debate Between Trump And Biden Was A Stressful, Chaotic Trash Fire

"I feel like I’m watching a Facebook comment feed in real time."

Viewers were overwhelmed by the chaotic mess that Tuesday's presidential debate devolved into almost immediately, with President Donald Trump doggedly interrupting former vice president Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace at every turn.

It took just minutes for the mayhem to begin, and those who tuned in to watch the first debate of 2020 felt a huge spike in their stress levels as all three men continuously talked over each other.

This debate feels like watching Uncut Gems

Watching the debate is giving me a pre-existing condition

Hi, I’m gonna die at 35 solely from the stress this debate is causing me.

i turned on the debate and i need to take cbd oil i’m already stressed

oh my god this debate is so frustrating to watch. it makes me want to put my laptop in the microwave for 60 sec, then take the microwave and throw it in the trash, steal a garbage truck, collect the trash, then drive it into a volcano. then seal the volcano with cement

I feel like I’m watching a Facebook comment feed in real time

This freaking debate is making my chest hurt🥴 #debates

this how the debate got me lookin

This debate felt like watching an episode of Jerry Springer but with no host to wrangle in the chaos or audience to boo the insanity.

What I like about this debate is that at the end I'll be 90 minutes closer to death.

Some couldn't even stomach sitting through the entire event.

I turned on the debate 2 minutes ago and pretty much just have to turn it off this is fucking painful to watch.

I had to turn off the debates because it was that or take a Xanax

I tried to change the channel to escape all this noise but they're playing the debate on every channel help

One debate down, three to go. Godspeed, America.

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