This Little Girl Came Home From School With A New Jacket And She Handled Her Dad's Interrogation Like A Pro

"Mila said she got it at the store for 5 monies, it’s Limited Edition and it fit perfectly! End of story, no discussion."

Hi, excuse me, I'd like your full attention right now, please.

OK, thanks. Now watch this video of the cutest 2-year-old jacket thief you'll ever see.

so mila came home from school today with a random jacket

OK, now scroll up and watch it again, because you know you want to.

The video of Mila being interrogated by her dad about a pink and grey Nike jacket she says she bought at the jacket store for FIVE WHOLE MONIES captivated the internet when it was posted on Wednesday.

Screaming, baby girl had a full alibi and all the facts 😭

And guess what? Everyone was on Mila's side.

Sorry, dad.


@samaraa0 @sammiee_sosaa12 Mila said she got it at the store for 5 monies, it’s Limited Edition and it fit perfectly!!! End of story no discussion.

@samaraa0 First off, she paid 5 monies for this jacket, it’s cute, it’s her favorite color and the nerve of you to say it doesn’t fit. Let her keep it

@samaraa0 I, too, shop at JacketStore ® I’ve seen my girl Mila there. I was there the day she bought this for 5 monies. It’s hers.

Mila's mom, Ranya Samara, told BuzzFeed News she saw the jacket stuffed in the side pocket of Mila's backpack when she came home from school.

When Mila's dad, Ehab Rahman, saw the jacket, he said he was confused about why Mila brought home a jacket that neither he nor Samara had bought.

He said they've never seen Mila come home from school with anyone else's stuff.

"So as soon as I saw it I was like, OK I have to have this conversation with her," he told BuzzFeed News. "And that's when I pulled her to the side and I started interrogating her."

In a series of follow-up tweets, Samara's sister, Ayah, who posted the video, explained that the jacket belonged to a girl in Mila's class. Ayah and Mila's dad were "fairly sure" of that when they were asking her about it, she added.

"We were confused why she would say Connor because we knew it did not belong to him!" Ayah wrote on Thursday.

Samara told BuzzFeed News that Mila had mentioned a girl in her class when Samara first asked about the jacket.

"So I texted that girl's mom and she's like, 'Oh, that is hers, hahaha, she can keep it.' But we went to their house the next day and returned it," she said.

But that was the only time Mila mentioned the girl, and they knew it wasn't Connor's all along, Samara said, adding, "Her story changed several times."

The video led to a lot of praise for how calmly Rahman approached the situation. Samara said they've been speaking to Mila in an adult-like tone "since she was a baby."

@samaraa0 Awww🥺 Respect to those parents for disciplining their daughter & teaching her that, what isn't yours, must be returned, no matter how much you want it. ❤️

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. See how no sweat was broken? No shouting? No belting? When he asked “does anyone else have this jacket “ Ya Allah grant us wisdom to parent this parenting.

@samaraa0 I love that you guys talk to her like a regular person! her speech is amazing☺️

Some people also praised Rahman's expert interrogation skills.

@samaraa0 You all ignoring how the father is questioning her like he's from the FBI 😂😂

@samaraa0 everyones talking about the five money's but are we going to ignore the flawless line of questioning going on here🤣

Samara said Mila was sad she couldn't keep the jacket at first, but the next day, they went to the girl's house and returned it.

"Mila handed it right to her, no fuss, no problems, nothing," she said.

Mila's 3rd birthday is on Sunday, and both Samara and Rahman suspect that Mila will get a few jackets as gifts from their family members.

"We haven't purchased the jacket ourselves, because I'm guessing that people already have that up their sleeves," Samara said.

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