"The Bachelor" Finale Was Messy As Hell But Fans Were All For Hannah Ann Telling Peter Off

"I was not prepared or this amount of drama. I only have 2 bottles of wine."

Soooo the Bachelor finale on Tuesday night was a (somewhat) welcome distraction from both the coronavirus and the 2020 election.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

Peter Weber — aka Pilot Pete, who started the season by asking his ex, former-Bachelorette Hannah B, back on the show because he was feeling feelings — ended up proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss in Australia. He then proceeded to end their engagement a month later in Los Angeles, admitting he still had strong feelings for Madison Prewett, the runner-up who rejected Peter and left the show on her own before the final rose ceremony.

During the live finale Tuesday, Hannah Ann ripped Peter apart, telling him off for the way he treated her.

"Even after our breakup, you reached out to my parents saying that you were just processing your emotions and that you wished more that anything we had met outside of reality TV. How does that make any sense? You signed up to be the Bachelor. You told me these things that I held onto," Hannah Ann said.

“If you want to be with a woman," she added, "you need to become a real man."

With all this drama, Bachelor Nation had quite a night. There were really no winners (Peter and Madison weren't sure where to go from here!), but Hannah Ann may have come out on top in the end.

Hannah Ann took the final word and ATE Peter TF up with it 💅🏾 #TheBachelor

barb deadass clapping in the audience while hannah ann basically calls her son a piece of shit #TheBachelor

I sat through what is arguably one of the worst seasons of #TheBachelor yet for two hours of great finale drama so in the end... im here for it

hannah ann and hannah b realizing they dodged the barb bullet #thebachelor

Me trying to see how Peter will ever recover after Hannah Ann just verbally assassinated him #TheBachelor

This is wild. I was not prepared or this amount of drama. I only have 2 bottles of wine. #TheBachelor

Raise your hand if you know Hannah Ann had that speech on deck and was here for it #TheBachelor

The producers this season really just said fuck it let’s ruin a family #TheBachelor

How I felt about Hannah Ann at the beginning of the season to now : #TheBachelor

I can not believe Hannah Ann went from being the “season villain” to the “winner” to the one we all stan for TELLING PETER TF OFF. Talk about a full 180!!! #TheBachelor

To summarize Hannah Ann in tonight’s episode. #TheBachelor

bachelor nation: soo who actually knows how this ends?? peter and chris: #TheBachelor

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