23 Creative Solutions Republicans Have Offered To Stop Mass Shootings That Have Nothing To Do With Guns

A noncomprehensive list.

In their many attempts to avoid talking about gun control over the years, Republican officials and conservative pundits have come up with inventive, and often outrageous, solutions to America's mass shooting epidemic.

We witnessed that again this week, after the devastating elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 19 children and two adults. Republican lawmakers and officials as well as Fox News commentators once again racked their brains to come up with creative ways to prevent mass shootings, none of which happen to have anything to do with restricting access to guns or even basic gun control reform.

Here’s a noncomprehensive list of the solutions they’ve offered as hundreds of mass shootings continue to happen every year and the staggering number of children who’ve experienced gun violence in school continues to rise.

1. Lock the doors

Sen. Ted Cruz at Robb Elementary school today. Sharing his thoughts on the shooting

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2. Or build fewer doors

TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick, a fierce opponent of gun control, says today's shooting may have been caused by Texas schools having "too many entrances and too many exits."

Twitter: @davidmackau

3. Actually, just have one door

Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick on "hardening" schools: "There should be one entrance in and one entrance out in all of our elementary and all of our middle schools. They're small enough to do that. There should be only one way in, and that should be a well protected entrance."

Twitter: @atrupar

4. Taller fences

Fox is doing everything short of outright blaming the school for being a "soft target." Here they criticize Robb Elementary School for having "flimsy fencing" that didn't stop the shooter.

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Our nation needs to take a serious look at the state of mental health today. Sometimes meds can be the problem. America is failing our youngest generations from decades of rejecting good moral values and teachings. We don’t need more gun control. We need to return to God.

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12. Pray in school

It’s time to arm the teachers and bring back prayer in our public schools.

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13. Mental health

Republicans have in recent years pivoted to blaming mass shootings on mental health issues. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott repeatedly blamed the Uvalde shooting on mental health, even though he acknowledged that the shooter had "no known mental health history."

14. More cops in schools

15. More armed teachers and school administrators

Asked on Newsmax about his solution for school shootings, Texas AG Ken Paxton mentions arming teachers

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16. More armed guards

17. Be less "triggered" by guns so we can have more armed guards

On Fox News, Jeanine Pirro is asked what the political obstacle is to having armed guards at schools. “The pushback is that people today, many of them are intimidated. They are triggered, If there is someone with a gun. They are frightened. That’s the new narrative.”

Twitter: @tedstew

18. Give tax breaks to retired military and law enforcement officers who volunteer to stand "outside the perimeter of every school in the country"

19. Stop playing video games

20. Stop vaccinating people against COVID

21. "A department that can look at young men that's looking at women that's looking at their social media"

Herschel Walker's solution to school shootings involves "a department that can look at young men that's looking at women that's looking at social media."

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