How Much Did Your Abortion Cost?

Getting an abortion often costs more than just the procedure itself. Tell us about your experience.

With a looming Supreme Court decision that could see Roe v. Wade soon struck down, abortion is likely to be banned in more than a dozen states with trigger laws or where lawmakers are attempting to pass increasingly draconian bans.

Even after the landmark 1973 ruling, access to abortion was uneven. Low-income people in rural areas, people of color, and trans and nonbinary people were more likely to face barriers when it came to getting an abortion. Often, the costs associated with the procedure are restrictively high — and they have been exacerbated in the past decade as anti-abortion lawmakers pass legislation that increases the financial burden of obtaining an abortion.

With abortion providers and reproductive justice advocates preparing for a future without Roe, abortion funds are going to be more crucial than ever — and they're going to require a lot more money to help people seeking abortions out of state.

If you've had to travel long distances for an abortion, if you've had to take unpaid time off work or pay for childcare while going to get the procedure, or if you've had trouble affording it in the first place, BuzzFeed News would like to hear from you.

We understand this is a sensitive issue and we will discuss any of your privacy and identity concerns beforehand. We may also request documentation of some of these costs.

You can fill out the form here.

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