Some Of The Funniest Tweets About The CDC Saying Vaccinated People Don't Need To Wear A Mask Anymore

"Personally i’ll still be wearing a mask in public until further notice because being freely ugly in peace is something i’m not willing to give up."

After a year of not being able to recognize anyone on the street because we were all (mostly) masked up, the CDC announced Thursday that people no longer need to wear a mask or socially distance indoors or outdoors as long as they're fully vaccinated.

The new guidance set off a wave of excitement, panic — oh my god, everyone can see me now??? — and some confusion. (To be clear, if your county or state still has a mask mandate in place, you're required to follow those rules.)

Here are some of the funniest tweets about the CDC allowing some of us to spit in each other's faces again :)

Pretty excited about the mask mandate going away… I can’t wait to come out to my Whole Foods cashier as a 4.

Twitter: @chrisspannclean

BREAKING NEWS: the CDC says everyone has to give me a kiss

Twitter: @natty__boh

the CDC says fully vaccinated people can go back. back to the beginning. back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned. 'cause perfect, didn't feel so perfect. trying to fit a square into a circle was no life. I defy... let the rain fall down and wake my dreams

Twitter: @gabebergado
Twitter: @AdamHSays

Can't wait for Mask Off to be the number 1 song in the world so then it will make sense why his name is Future

Twitter: @MrChief64

Just a reminder, you still need to wear a mask when being inhabited by an ancient cultural archive that puts all your friends and colleagues at risk.

Twitter: @SopanDeb

what does the cdc have to say about those of us who are drawn to a different kind of mask, the masks we wore well before the pandemic. the masks we use to cover up the anguish of moving through a treacherous world. the masks that don't come off. anyway thank you for this update

Twitter: @NifMuhammad
Twitter: @tribranchvo

the CDC said you can take your mask off once you're vaccinated, but the mandate against making small talk with me remains in effect indefinitely.

Twitter: @socialistdogmom

personally i’ll still be wearing a mask in public until further notice because being freely ugly in peace is something i’m not willing to give up

Twitter: @jxeker

The CDC just legalized fucking. This is big.

Twitter: @lilsamsquanch66
Twitter: @gilbertjasono

CDC recommends everyone start practicing wearing hard pants in 2-3 hour increments, working your way up to a full day

Twitter: @alisonwillmore

FOR SALE: good condition. only used once

Twitter: @CaucasianJames

Proudly showing off my mouth now that masks aren’t required for vaccinated people

Twitter: @rajat_suresh

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can now continue to listen to ambient music alone in their homes, thinking about the crushing weight of existence

Twitter: @lightintheattic
Twitter: @delia_cai

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