Women Are Criticizing Everlane For Not Stocking Extended Sizes In Stores

A sales assistant at Everlane's new brick-and-mortar store told a customer that they only stock their "best selling sizes."

A New York woman is speaking out after she tried shopping for jeans at Everlane only to learn that the retailer doesn't stock extended sizes in its stores despite offering them online — prompting hundreds of women to respond sharing similar shopping experiences.

On Monday, Nicolette Mason, a brand strategist and fashion writer, tweeted about her experience shopping at Everlane's newly opened store in Brooklyn.

The clothing brand operates on a philosophy of "radical transparency" around its pricing and practices, but Mason tweeted that when she visited the brick-and-mortar location, the company "neglected to stock over a 31/32 in their denim in store" despite offering up to a waist size 35 for women online.

"I asked a [sales assistant] why and she said they’re stocking their 'best selling sizes' — maybe you’d sell more [if] people could try them on!!" Mason tweeted.

Do better, @everlane. Your new store plans should’ve included your entire size range - it’s actually absurd to include all about 2 or 3 sizes on the floor. What’s the point? Your PR even invited me to a store preview... why? So I could be directed to shop online?

Mason told BuzzFeed News that the store was launching a different product the day she was there.

"It was really disappointing that [the extended denim sizes] weren't available in the store," Mason said, "but then of course they had room for a new boot launch."

Her tweets led to a flurry of responses from other customers about similar frustrations with the company and other clothing brands. Many expressed their disappointment with Everlane, which touts its mission of sustainability and transparency.

@nicolettemason @Everlane As a former resident (and plus size woman), I can assure Everlane that if they stocked sizes past 31/32 in their new store they’d become their best selling sizes.

The point of Everlane is to “disrupt” classic retail like the Gap’s and J.Crew’s of the world so it’s very disappointing to see them fall victim to the same pitfalls. https://t.co/Jj4M1orj7K

@Everlane as a top customer who was invited to the opening of this store, I’m gravely disappointed to learn that there are no sizes above a 31 stocked in-store. This is not only fatohobic, it’s a bad business decision - people want to try things on! https://t.co/I0CkKlJjl6

👇 thread bc I’ve thought about this at least 3 times in the last 4 hours. OF ALL NEIGHBORHOODS AND BRANDS yeesh! https://t.co/wXmD8GHqgy

The company apologized to Mason on Twitter for not carrying extended denim sizes in the store. "We definitely hope to carry the full size range of denim soon for try on," the tweet said.

However, Mason said that it was "kind of a canned response that a lot of brands give."

On Tuesday evening, she posted a story on Instagram — where she also detailed her experience at the store — announcing that the company later told her that it was "planning to integrate [its] entire existing size range into [its] stores in the coming weeks."

“We fell short in stocking our full denim size range at our Williamsburg opening. We’re fixing the issue as quickly as possible in the coming weeks,” Everlane VP of Merchandising Erika Edelson told BuzzFeed News.

The company has faced criticism over its sizing options dating back to 2015. Customers have long noted Everlane's delay in expanding its sizes; it currently carries up to a size 16 for women's clothing, which, as many have pointed out, is about what the average American woman wears.

But Everlane is far from the only clothing brand to be called out for failing to cater to plus-size customers. Mason said that she got "about 400 responses from other people" about their bad experiences with Everlane and other retailers.

@nicolettemason @Everlane I hate stores that advertise they carry more sizes online. If it’s a brand I have never tried before, I don’t know how their clothes fit & can’t afford to order 2-3 of each item just to return them. Most of the stores are 🇺🇸 based & we have to pay extra to ship to 🇨🇦 😡😡😡

@nicolettemason @Everlane Sooooo many brands do this and it makes me ragey. Madewell has larger sized jeans and doesn't carry them in store. My Old Navy has no plus size stock.

Old Navy has completely removed their plus from stores (but still sell online), H&M has all but removed all plus from stores. I'm also thinking Forever 21 is moving or has moved the way of Old Navy. https://t.co/PgJMCQ284C

But Mason stressed that there's a difference between other brands with dozens of retail locations across the country, and Everlane, a primarily online brand with only four in-person stores.

"There's no reason — especially for a brand-new brick-and-mortar location, which invested millions of dollars into the build-out — to not include all their size range on the floor," Mason said.

Mason said that brands cannot afford to ignore plus-size customers anymore.

"I think now there's such a tidal wave of conversation of inclusivity that it's only going to make brands look worse to ignore it," she said. "Especially when they’re already producing those sizes."

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