Fox News Host Says Student Oil-Divestment Activists Threaten Clean-Underwear Levels

Divestment campaigners labeled "anti-American."

One of the hosts of Fox News' The Five, Greg Gutfeld, tonight compared student groups who call on universities to divest from oil companies to Islamists, complaining that their "profoundly anti-American ideology" has "infected campuses" with a radical anti-clean-underwear agenda.

He further claimed that the protestors, who sometimes hunger-strike to draw attention to their cause, needed to lose weight.

"Let 'em starve for a while, they could stand to lose a few pounds," he said.

Gutfeld blamed environmental activist Bill McKibben for the dire state of affairs.

"Look at the leader, Bill McKibben, who is also blocking the Keystone pipeline," he said. "It's abandonment of consuming, forcing you to return to a communal lifestyle. No cars, no stores and no clean underwear."

Said Gutfeld, a former staff writer for Prevention magazine: "Remember how the goal of the radical Islamists is to force existence back to a time when Mohammad walked the earth? The only difference between them and the divestors is the radical Islamists cut to the chase."

The protests are nonetheless not a long-term concern, Gutfeld argued, because the protestors themselves will eventually abandon their principles and work for their parents.

"It's just a cause that they get involved with until they get an internship at their dad's law firm," Gutfeld said.

Host Andrea Tantaros added that the students were hypocritical for criticizing oil companies while using oil-based public transportation to pursue their interests in improvised rock music.

"It is the stupidest thing I've ever seen," Tantaros said. "Even your stinkiest hippie, Greg, uses fossil fuel at some point in the day whether that's to take a bus to not buy deodorant or to a Phish concert or to get on his iPad to buy new Birkenstocks. They all use it."

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