Even "Anti-Liberty" Halftime Conspiracy Theorist Can't Fault Beyoncé

SuperPAC founder that boycotted Super Bowl halftime show thinks Bey is in the Illuminati, but "probably a very nice lady."

The founder of registered SuperPAC Elect A New Congress said he heard Beyonce's performance "was pretty non-controversial" although he stood by his resolve to boycott her Superbowl halftime show, which he called "anti-liberty" earlier this week.

William Fawell, who runs the SuperPAC, accused Beyoncé of representing the rise of the military state and new world order Illuminati, because she has in the past performed with dancers dressed like policemen.

"I didn't watch it. But I think the whole thing was pretty non-controversial," Fawell said. "I didn't hear anything about storm troopers."

Fawell had not heard the Twitter-fueled arguments that Beyoncé had made a supposed Illuminati-referencing triangle sign with her hands during her performance.

"I'm not surprised that they came with the triangle thing, and I don't think it was in reference to high energy particle physics," he said. "I'm sure it was about the new world order."

Fawell said he watched the first half of the game at a bar in Galena, IL. When he asked the bartender to change one of the televisions to the Puppy Bowl during halftime, the bartender refused.

"So I went for a drive," he said. "I stopped at the legion hall and finished the game."

The call for a national boycott was not regarding Beyoncé's talent, Fawell said. He said the reason for boycotting the show was to make a statement against Madonna, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and other performers who he said are part of the "new world order."

"I never attacked Beyoncé," Fawell said. "I think she's probably a very nice lady who is 24 or 25 and she's got a husband who is her mentor-manager who is beyond her life and anything he tells her to do she thinks is the right thing to do."

Beyoncé is 31 years old. Fawell said he has not received any donations to his SuperPAC after his call to boycott the halftime show.

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