Killer Mike Is Running For Office In Georgia

"Why? Because if I win, we win. Thank you now go vote."

Killer Mike's campaign for a seat on the Georgia House of Representatives was over mere hours after it started. Shortly after launching his write-in candidacy, Killer Mike posted an Instagram video explaining that he had neglected to fill out the required paperwork to run as a write-in in Georgia. However, Killer Mike left the door open for future campaigns. "I will Run In the Future and We Will Win!" he wrote.

Killer Mike is running the jewels, and running for office.

The outspoken rapper, one-half of the explosive duo Run the Jewels, urged his fans in an Instagram post Monday to vote for him in a special election for an empty seat on Georgia's House of Representatives to take place on Tuesday.

"In Atlanta Georgia there will be special election tomorrow for District 55," Mike wrote. "Former state representative Tyrone Brooks no longer sits in the seat. I would like as many people as possible to go to the polls and write in Michael Render. Why because if I win we win. Thank you now go vote."

In the wake of the police shooting of Michael Brown last August, Mike wrote a widely shared Instagram post about the shooting and appeared on CNN to talk about police brutality.

Brooks resigned from his seat in April after pleading guilty to charges of tax fraud, among others.

Mike's last-minute announcement does not leave him any time to campaign, and he is likely a long shot in the crowded field of seven other Democratic candidates.

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