What The Hell Was On Ted Cruz's Lip At The Debate?

Whatever it was, he ate it.

So at Thursday night's GOP debate, everyone noticed something ... odd on Ted Cruz's lip.

Side note: What is on Cruz’s lip? #GOPDebate

Let's take a closer look:

The mystery enthralled viewers, but remains unsolved. Because whatever it was, Ted Cruz ate it.

the screen at our office is big enough to see that cruz had what appeared to be a styrofoam packing peanut on his lip and then ate it :(

That's right, he ate it. Let's roll the footage:

#savingitforlater #gopdebate RT @MikeAnderson979: What the F just appeared on Ted Cruz's lip??? #Lip-gate

Here it is again. He ate it.

Ted Cruz's weird lip thing stole the show, and naturally spawned a parody twitter account.

I was born a poor mouth cheese. #GOPDebate #TedCruz #cruz #lip

He ate it.

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