Trump's Sons Disagree On Number Of Times Trump Has Disavowed David Duke

Trump Jr. says 400. Eric says 10.

Donald Trump's sons in radio interviews this week both defended their father's vacillating statements on former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, with Eric Trump saying his father had disavowed Duke 10 times and Donald Trump Jr. saying Trump's disavowals totaled 400.

"It's crazy," Eric said on The Eric Metaxas Show on Monday of the controversy surrounding his father's comments on the former grand wizard Ku Klux Klan. "Somebody comes and says, 'Hey I want to endorse this person,' you don't want to take their endorsement, he doesn't even know who the person is, he disavows him 10 different times."

His brother Donald Jr. expressed the sentiment even more adamantly on Tuesday in an interview with Opie with Jim Norton.

"Honestly, it's such B.S.," he said. "Gimme a break. I saw him — you know, after the debate, we walk into the spin room, 300 reporters were there, 'What about—' he goes, 'are you kidding me,' like, he said it 400 times. But, like, you know the media. It's never enough. We'll ask the question again, we'll ask the question again, we'll ask the question again."

He went on to describe his father's interview with Jake Tapper on Sunday.

Trump Jr. said, "Eventually there's a faulty earpiece, he's like, 'what do you--,' and he wasn't like, 'I don't renounce,' it was like, 'I don't know what you're talking about with the David Duke'--it's ridiculous. It's almost like they're trying to make it seem like they've had conversations about this endorsement. I mean, and it's not even endorsement apparently. It's been this fabricated nonsense. And but of course everyone runs with it."

In his interview, Eric Trump said it was "totally disgusting" to "even use those three letters" in the same sentence as his father's name.

"Sometimes this stuff actually affects a family more than it affects a candidate," he said. "And I couldn't tell you how upset I was by the whole thing. My father's an amazing, he's the greatest, I mean, he's absolutely the greatest, he's my best friend in the world. And you know, to even use those three letters in the same sentence as him to me is totally disgusting."
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