Trump: A Lot Of People Call Bernie Sanders "The C-Word"

No, not that one.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said Tuesday that a lot of people think that self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is "worse" than a socialist and actually qualifies for "the c-word, meaning the 'communist' word."

"Some people say the tax is gonna be 90 percent in order to pay for all of his crazy ideas," Trump said in an interview with Iowa radio host Simon Conway. "Look, he's a socialist. I guess a lot of people would say he's worse than that. You know, with the 'c-word', meaning the 'communist' word. But you listen to some of the things he has, it's incredible."

Trump went on to say that he doesn't think Sanders will win the Democratic nomination, adding that, if Hillary Clinton gets indicted for her e-mail use as Secretary of State, he thinks Democrats will recruit Vice President Joe Biden to be their nominee.

In the interview, Trump was also asked how he would go about identifying government expenses to cut, with the host suggesting that he would not know about "the minutiae" of federal spending, citing such obscure examples like a study on duck penises. Trump replied that he would know about such minutiae "because they have books that come out and I see it all the time in magazines."

"I think you will know, actually, because they have books that come out and I see it all the time in magazines: 'the dumbest things that we do,'" said the former reality TV star. "For instance, there's one that we actually subsidize China—I don't know if you saw that, in some capacity, not for a huge amount but still a lot of money—that we are subsidizing a piece of China."

Trump later added, "They have books, talking about the stupidity in government. You could probably open up one of those books and knock out 90% of it. Because maybe 5%, has a reason, okay? Or 10% maybe. But you could knock out most of it just by opening up these books. But they have books on the stupidity in our government and some of the things, like what I said about China, like what you're just telling me about this case."

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