Poll: Did Donald Trump Really Not Know The Meaning Of The Stripes On The American Flag?

“I don’t know what the 13 stripes represent,” Trump said on the Colbert Report in 2008.


That's a video of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on the Colbert Report in 2008, in which he says, "I don't know what the 13 stripes represent."

The comment came in the midst of a report on his battle with the mayor of a California town over whether he could erect a flagpole higher than the town's height limit on structures.


But, as observed by Mediaite when they made note of the comment in 2011 (while Trump was flirting with a run for the White House), the Colbert Report often took quotes out of context for the sake of comedy.

Trump's campaign did not reply to a request for comment, so it falls upon you, the reader, to decide.

Here's the full Colbert Report segment:

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