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Trump Jr. On His Struggle: As Billionaire's Son, "I Can’t Even Have An Opinion"

"I could be Albert Einstein and they would discredit me as a horrible scientist."

Posted on February 8, 2016, at 5:56 p.m. ET

Donald Trump's Son Game Hunting Photos

Donald J. Trump Jr. said on Monday that, in America, the son of a billionaire "can't even have an opinion anymore."

"Now, listen, in this country I'm the son of a billionaire, I can't even have an opinion anymore," Trump Jr. said on Breitbart News Daily. "I could be Albert Einstein and they would discredit me as a horrible scientist. It doesn't matter."

Responding to a question about how it was that he grew up to be a normal person, Trump Jr. credited his father's emphasis on work during his childhood.

"He made us work and it wasn't like you start off and all of a sudden you're the CEO of the organization," he said. "You know, we weren't trust fund babies. We were very fortunate. We experienced great things, but we were spoiled the right way. We were spoiled with great education, great experiences, we weren't spoiled with cash. You know, like I said, I'm the only son of a billionaire who can drive a D10 just because those were the jobs that I had growing up."

Trump Jr. went to say of the philosophy his father passed down to him, "You can't talk theory in practice in deals-making. You have to understand it and understand it fundamentally. It's not a spreadsheet. It's life."