Trump: I Can't Advertise Because People Would "OD On Trump"

"I can’t advertise because I’m getting so much coverage. It would almost be: you’d OD on Trump. You understand. That's overdose on Trump.”

Donald Trump said on Thursday that, despite having "unlimited" money to spend on securing the Republican presidential nomination, he hasn't spent very much on advertising because, he fears if he did people would "OD on Trump."

"What happens is I'm not spending that much money," he said on the show New Hampshire Today. "I thought I would've spent about 20 million dollars for advertising, you know, up until this point, right? I've spent nothing. I can't advertise because I'm getting so much coverage. It would almost be: you'd OD on Trump. You understand. That's overdose on Trump."

Trump went on to refer to a recent People magazine article as an example of the enormous share of media coverage his campaign has received, adding that, if he advertised on shows he was already being heavily featured on, "people would get sick."

"Like, People magazine has a beautiful article today," he said. "You know, it's a cover story and so I have so much stuff —i f I ever did that: Let's say you have a show on television, the whole thing's Trump and then on top of it you have the commercials Trump too. People would get sick. They'd say, 'It's too much. I can't take it anymore.'"

Not mentioning a Forbes story from earlier in the week that challenged his 10 billion dollar estimation of his own wealth, Trump reiterated that he would be willing to spend an "unlimited" sum if he needs it.

"I have unlimited to spend as I need it," Trump asserted. "And I will spend as I need it. Assuming I continue to do well, Jack. You know, maybe it's possible at some point I won't do so well and, you know, you see, you know, a lot of these candidates, you have to see the handwriting on the wall at some point."

Asked if he would stay in the race until the nomination, Trump said "the answer is totally," but suggested that might change if "I found that if I was doing horribly all of a sudden."

The interview also touched on an array of other topics, from Trump's newly released tax plan, which he argued was "not that different" from Jeb Bush's (though he said "the tax cuts are a bit larger" and it's "more dynamic"), to Vladimir Putin, whom Trump called a "much more dynamic leader" than President Obama.

"You look at Russia, they like him," Trump said. "You know, he's got very high—can you believe, they even do polls in Russia on popularity? We do the polls, so we know they're at least reasonably okay."