Scott Walker: Cruz Will Win Nomination At Convention On Second Ballot

The Wisconsin governor said it was likely that the nominee would be chosen at the convention.

Scott Walker said on Thursday that it was likely the Republican primary would be decided at the convention in July, predicting a Ted Cruz victory on the second ballot.

"I think it is very, very likely now that it will be at the convention," Walker, who has endorsed Cruz, told Wisconsin radio host Jerry Bader. "But it won't be the wild wild West that some in the media are portraying it as. I think what happens is nobody has 1,237 on the first ballot. I think by the second ballot, depends on the state, Wisconsin delegates are bound far into the process, so you're not gonna see people change, which is good because almost all the delegates are with Ted Cruz."

The Wisconsin governor said that he thought Marco Rubio's delegates in particular would shift to Cruz.

"But many, many other states are freed up after that first vote, and so I think you're gonna see a shift particularly from delegates who are assigned to Marco Rubio," Walker said. "I firmly believe that the over, over-whelming majority of those delegates on the subsequent ballots will go to Ted Cruz. So I think he will get past 1237 by the second ballot, which is good because he'll unite the party, bring us together."

Walker said he doesn't believe deciding the nominee at the convention would result in chaos.

"And for those in the media who say this is some sort of chaotic event, I would remind them that Abraham Lincoln was elected in an open convention, on I think it was either the fifth or sixth ballot if I remember right," he said. "And so, we did pretty well with our first Republican president. I think we're gonna be just fine with Ted Cruz winning on the second or subsequent ballot."

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