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Ron Jeremy Is Supporting Hillary Clinton

The famous porn star also likes Trump and rips Ben Carson: "Get the fuck out of the race, you fucking idiot."

Posted on January 29, 2016, at 4:54 p.m. ET

Charles Sykes / AP

Famous porn star Ron Jeremy told BuzzFeed News in an interview on Friday that he is supporting Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House, in large part because he admires her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

"I got to shake hands with her husband," Jeremy said, noting his admiration for former president Bill Clinton's role in the Norther Irish peace process and his attempts to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. "A lot of it's because of him. When he was in office, she gave him a lot of advice. When she's in office, he'll give her a lot of advice."

Jeremy, who identifies as a Democrat, singled out Bill Clinton as his favorite president, and joked about Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. "I got to meet Monica Lewinsky," Jeremy said. "I gave her a cigar and asked her to autograph it. No, I'm kidding. I wouldn't be that mean."

He continued, praising Clinton, "He looks presidential. He smells presidential."

When asked about Clinton's chief rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy praised Sanders for being the most sincere candidate, but then mocked the idea of going back on America's capitalist tradition.

"America has spanned decades and decades with capitalism and democracy, we're gonna give it all up because of one schmuck?" he said. "One Jewish schmuck — I can say that because I'm Jewish — one Jewish schmuck wants to become a leader and bring us all into socialism?"

He later argued, "We'll start at socialism, then maybe we'll do a little Nazism, then we'll go to communism. What the fuck?"

Jeremy, who rose to prominence in the adult film industry in the 1980s and is one of the most prolific porn actors ever, also offered up his opinions on the Republican field, including frontrunner Donald Trump, who he said he likes because he's a New Yorker and because Trump stocks his brand of rum at Trump Tower in Panama.

"Everyone loves his passion," he said, "but when it comes down to having a finger on a button, I don't know if I want Donald Trump's finger on the button."

"A lot of what Donald Trump does sounds so good in theory, but in practicality it's not gonna happen," Jeremy added.

And on Dr. Ben Carson, Jeremy said, "He should do what he does best and go back into the OR. Go cure cancer."

"Get the fuck out of the race, you fucking idiot, and do what you do best," he added later.