Rick Perry: "We All Make Fun Of New York"

"I mean, come on, ‘New York City? Get a rope.’ Remember that ad, for the picante sauce?"

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Rick Perry agrees with Ted Cruz over Donald Trump on the true meaning of "New York values."

In an interview last Friday with Iowa radio show Mickelson in the Morning, the former Texas governor said that making fun of New York is common and referred to an old advertisement in which a group of cowboys become outraged after being served picante sauce made in New York City.

"Mr. Trump took umbrage by Ted Cruz talking about New York values, and, you know, became very serious about — as we all were — what happened on September the 11th of 2001. We were all New Yorkers that day — don't get confused with that — but you know, I would hope there's enough humor in that person to understand that, hey listen, we all make fun of New York. I mean, come on, 'New York City? Get a rope.' Remember that ad, for the picante sauce?" Perry said, referencing an ad for Pace Picante sauce, wherein a cowboy calls for the lynching of a chef who has served the group a brand of sauce made in New York.

Perry, who exited the 2016 presidential race in September, said that Cruz was similarly mocking New York with his line that Trump embodies "New York values."

"So we have fun with that, and I think that's exactly what Senator Cruz was doing, talking about New York values, and I thought he did a good job of explaining that New York values are, you know, very liberal, particularly Manhattan," said Perry, who added that he felt that Cruz won the debate overall.

In the interview, Perry also called Trump's idea of getting Mexico to pay for a wall on America's southern border a "throwaway, jingoistic line."

"And frankly, just a kind of throwaway, jingoistic line of we're gonna build a wall, it's gonna be beautiful and we're gonna make Mexico pay for it. Uh, you know, when a thoughtful individual says, 'Yeah, we gotta secure the border, but how? Just building a wall is not gonna do it,'" he said.

Here's the ad:

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