Pence On '92 Election: US Like Cheating Spouse's Wife Who Sleeps With "Slick Willie"

In Mike Pence's analysis of the 1992 presidential election, George H.W. Bush was an unfaithful husband, America was his vengeful wife, and Bill Clinton was her way of getting back.

Mike Pence wrote in a 1992 column that the American public was like a cheating husband's angry wife who sought to get back at him by spending the night at a "no-tell motel" with a "most unsavory character."

Pence wanted to know why America was on the verge of electing Bill Clinton even though, he argued, the country had voted for the more conservative candidate in every election since 1968, including when Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976.

"The answer may be found in the old story that ends at the check-in desk of the 'no tell motel,'" Pence wrote, in an op-ed published in the Daily Journal, a local paper, on Oct. 21, 1992.

"You know the one," Pence continued. "The neglected wife discovers her husband's infidelity and, simply in order to get him back for the harm he has caused her, she begins in the bar and ends in the motel with a most unsavory character indeed. She doesn't care about the suitor, he is merely a vehicle of her vengeance. The sadness comes the morning after, when she awakens, soberly, to her indiscretion and shame."

Pence went on to say that America was like the wife "standing in the lobby of the motel while Slick Willie parks the car." He said that incumbent president George H.W. Bush's "dalliances with the left-wing Congress," such as raising taxes and other infidelities, were the cause of the country's anger.

"Oh, it will feel so good to see the look on his face, we surmise," Pence wrote. "But the joke's on us because while we may vote for him as a convenient tool for our revenge, this guy's coming home with us for four years."

Here's Pence's column:

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