Ben Carson: If Russian Planes Enter No-Fly Zone, "You Shoot Them Down, Absolutely"

"Whatever happens next, we deal with it."

Ben Carson says if the United States were to establish a no-fly zone in Syria and Russian planes were to enter it, then those planes would have to be shot down.

The Republican presidential candidate made the comment to Iowa radio host Simon Conway on Wednesday after arguing that the U.S. should establish a no-fly zone over the "Turkish-Syrian border" to provide a safe haven for refugees.

Asked whether he would enforce the no-fly zone if a Russian plane were to enter it, Carson first said, "If they come into that area, after you have given them adequate warning, after we have talked to Putin, you shoot ‘em down, absolutely."

When the host noted that shooting down a plane could provoke a response, Carson said, "Whatever happens next, we deal with it, but we can't continue backing down because in the long run, that'll hurt us."

Carson also said that he favors dialogue with the Russian president.