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Hillary Clinton Says "Sorry" After Disappearing During Commercial Break At Debate

Moderators didn't wait for Clinton to return, or for the audience to sit down, before they resumed.

Last updated on July 3, 2018, at 1:32 p.m. ET

Posted on December 19, 2015, at 10:25 p.m. ET

ABC News started Saturday night's debate after a commercial break without Hillary Clinton on stage — bringing people to wonder #whereishillary.

The debate is back but Hillary Clinton is not

The return to the debate felt rushed as the moderators began to speak while audience members roamed the room and shuffled to their seats, but Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley were ready to go.

Despite Clinton's absence from the podium, David Muir decided to resume, saying he believed Clinton would return any moment.

And she did, in epic fashion:

"Sorry," she softly said into her microphone, to which the audience responded with a laugh.

At the first Democratic debate, Clinton joked with Anderson Cooper about coming back late from a bathroom break — which is likely what happened this time around as well.

"All the candidates are back, which I'm very happy to see," Cooper said at the first debate. "It's a long story."

Clinton replied: "You know, it does take me a little longer. That's all I can say."

But where was she this time? Twitter wanted to know.


the real question is where the hell was hillary

The hashtag #whereisHillary needs to start trending NOW #DemDebate

Hillary Clinton walks in late, emulates behavior of a real human being with flaws #DemDebate


While some wondered, others had theories.

Hillary was backstage asking for a Chardonnay and trying to get the sounds of two dudes shouting out of her ears.

Clinton power move. Last person in the room, as the others go on with a pointless meeting. #DemDebate

Hillary was offstage DM'ing me. We're both a little shaken about the most recent episode of THE KNICK. #DemDebate

And of course, there was Bieber.

If @HillaryClinton would have dropped "Is it too late to say I'm sorry?" when she came back onto the stage, I would vote for her immediately