Bernie And Hillary Share A Dance On "SNL" Season Finale

"It's not over till I say it's over!"

Larry David and Kate McKinnon gave us their presidential best on Saturday Night Live's season finale when they shared some cocktails and a dance as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

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The sketch opens as the bartender tries to close down, but Bernie shouts from the corner, "It's not over till I say it's over!"

"Oh hello, Bernie. I didn't see you sitting behind me, so far behind me you can never catch up," Hillary replies.

"You even see me in your sleep baby," Bernie bites back. "Because I'm your worst nightmare!"

The banter continues as the pair shoots small digs back and forth about each other's campaigns.

"I promise I'm going to have a very special role for you in my administration," Hillary says. "How would you like to be, wait for it, the senator from Vermont?"

They agree that Hillary should pay for the drinks, and Bernie later confesses that he has dreams at night about being a millionaire or billionaire.

Eventually they get up to share a dance — but only if Hillary gives him three super delegates. So they take the floor.

"I'll lead," Bernie says.

"Never," she replies.

They waltz onto the SNL main stage before going through back doors and taking us on a behind-the-scenes dancing tour.

SNL vet Darrell Hammond appears as Bill Clinton and asks to cut in, to which Bernie shouts, "Beat it Bill!"

And finally, Hillary and Bernie twirl and twirl until she shoves him into an elevator and steals the floor.

Bravo dancing democrats, bravo!

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