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17 Bronies Review The Official "My Little Pony" iPhone Game

We went to a NYC My Little Pony meetup and asked some die-hard fans of the show to rate the new game on a scale of 1-4 hooves. But for some, four hooves were not enough.

Posted on November 12, 2012, at 5:22 p.m. ET

The official "My Little Pony" game is now out for both iPhone and Android.

It looks like this. It's free to download on both iPhone and Android.

It's essentially a skin of Farmville.

But set in Equestria (the world the My Little Ponies live in) with plenty of in-jokes for the MLP fandom.

1. 4/4 hooves

2. 4 sparkly hooves out of 4

3. 3/4 horseshoes

4. 4/4 hooves

5. 2.5/4 horseshoes — he thought it could have been better

6. 4/4 hooves

7. 3/4 horseshoes

8. 5/4 horseshoes

9. Another enthusiastic improper fraction!

10. Pretty sure that's 11/10 hooves, which completely goes against our grading rubic, but we let it slide.

11. Bronies clearly do not care about proper critical grading guidelines.

12. 4/4 stars

13. 4/4 hooves

14. 4/4 horseshoes

15. That's 8/8 hooves on one pony

16. The BuzzFeed staff even tried it — I liked it so much I gave it 5/4 horseshoes.

17. Our photographer Chris gave it 3/4 hooves because loading times were a little long. Oh, well!

All extra proceeds of the Brony-NYC meetup went toward the New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

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