Welcome To The Pokémon Go Election

Clinton wants a Pokémon voting app. Trump wants to capture "Crooked Hillary."

In the midst of the Pokémon Go ~moment~, Hillary Clinton mentioned the new app on Thursday — saying that she'd like to see a "Pokémon Go To The Polls" app.

Here's video of @HillaryClinton talking about Pokemon Go

Prior to Thursday's comments, Clinton had received a PokéBriefing on Wednesday, ABC News reported:

Per an aide, Clinton was briefed by staffers on Pokemon Go yesterday while flying back to DC. https://t.co/3q7HjMDHAP

Clinton's campaign in Ohio appears to be using the app's Pokéstops — locations where players stop to secure additional supplies — to register voters.

We're registering #PokemonGo players in @WashingtonPark today! So many Pokémon AND new voters 📱📋🇺🇸 #GottaRegEmAll

The Columbus Dispatch reported on several similar activities throughout the battleground state:

Gotta Reg 'em all! @PokemonGoHub is the best thing to happen to voter registration ever #OHHillYes #TeamAthens

Asked about the efforts, the Clinton campaign provided the following statement to BuzzFeed News:

"Our volunteers and staffers across the country are taking the campaign into their own hands and reaching out to voters wherever they are. After the launch of Pokemon Go last Thursday, our organizers innovated and used the app to find other players to register them to vote and continue to do so. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Pokemon Go or whatever comes next, we expect our organizers will use whatever tools they can to register and commit voters to support Hillary Clinton."

Not to be left out, Donald Trump's campaign placed its own Pokémon campaign content on Facebook — portraying Clinton as one of the Pokémon monsters to be captured.

Facebook: video.php

The "Crooked Hillary" Pokémon's next evolution, per the Trump campaign, "Unemployed."

Earlier Thursday, Trump had told the Washington Examiner that he was aware of the game — but was not playing it.

"I don't, but people are playing it. No question about it," Trump said. "I do not. I wish I had time."

The 2016 campaign, where all your memes and internet moments go to die.

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