Virginia Democrats Pull Oral Sex-Themed Posters After Questions Arise

"Ken Cuccinelli wants to make oral sex a felony. You can stop him," the posters claimed. The Democratic Party of Virginia pulled the sexual-pun-filled posters after questions came from a local TV station.

Posters put up at some of Virginia's college campuses as part of Democrats' efforts to elect Terry McAuliffe governor by painting Ken Cuccinelli as an extremist by discussing his efforts to keep the state's sodomy law on the books are being taken down after questions were raised about them Tuesday.

The posters — with sexual puns and all — were stamped as being paid for by "Education Votes, a project of the Democratic Party of Virginia."

The Democratic Party of Virginia released the following statement to WAVY-TV about the posters:

While we feel Virginians deserve to know the truth about Ken Cuccinelli's extreme social agenda, we apologize to those who were offended. We're working to remove these posters from the campuses in question, and they will not be used again.

The Republican Party of Virginia released a statement to the station as well:

This is par for the course for the Democratic Party of Virginia this cycle. Not only does it repeat this thoroughly-debunked Terry McAuliffe falsehood, but it manages to do it in an even more crass and tasteless way than before. The Democratic Party of Virginia should be ashamed. But they're probably not.