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Twitter Fixes Its Most Peculiar Flaw

Our long national nightmare is over! A new update means direct messages now sync across all devices and accounts.

Posted on July 8, 2013, at 2:45 p.m. ET

Twitter announced today that users can now sync direct messages across all accounts, fixing a seemingly inexplicable flaw and silencing long-standing complaints.

For most, the change will go unnoticed, but for obsessives and power users who connect via multiple devices, the change will mean never again having to mark old messages "as read" across different mobile and web apps. A company blog post seems to frame the update as the result of some recent feedback, but a quick Twitter search shows the complaints stretch back for years.

While it's a long time coming, it's an increasingly rare gift from Twitter to its more devoted community, a group that has felt overlooked from time to time as the company has focused on growing its audience through recently launched services like Twitter Music, and less on third-party apps and, of course, power users' favorites like old Tweetdeck (RIP).

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