Trump's Press Conference Was A Rallying Cry For The Pro-Trump Media

"We primetime now," pro-Trump Twitter personality Jack Posobiec tweeted during the press conference.

The pro-Trump media spent much of the weekend blasting the press for what it considered biased coverage of the tragedy in Charlottesville, while denouncing the actions of the anti-fascist protesters who clashed with neo-Nazis in the streets.

At a press conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday, the president echoed pro-Trump activists' talking points. They were, in a word, delighted.

For some in the pro-Trump media who've been critical of the president and his messaging throughout the health care debate, the press conference was a show of strength.

TURN ON TV NOW!!!!!!!!! @realDonaldTrump not dead yet!

It came across like a parroting of the pro-Trump media's steady talking points in the days since Charlottesville, in which the movement has tried to draw a distinction between itself and the alt-right (which they define as a race-based ideological movement for white supremacy).

It takes @realDonaldTrump to remind the media that most conservatives aren't nazis

The pro-Trump media saw it as the kind of "high-energy," combative display that played so well with his online devotees during the campaign.

"I'm not finished, fake news." - @realDonaldTrump Which other Republican would have the stamina and courage to shut their nonsense down?

Most importantly, perhaps, it reignited Trump's war against the mainstream media, much to the delight of those in the "new media."

Well done to @realDonaldTrump at today's press congerence. The journalists present sounded hysterical, stupid, partisan & generally pathetic

I have never ever been so pleased with a politician. He just verbally beat their asses while telling the truth.

I'm watching the presser again. God. Emperor.

Pres Trump waits for facts instead of becoming a puppet for Fake News If he became a journo instead of a pol, he'd be one of the best in DC

Members of the alt-right appear to be embracing Trump's comments. For the alt-right, Trump's denouncement of the anti-fascists is proof of their own victimization.

Trump cares about the truth.

In many ways the press conference was a rallying cry for the pro-Trump media, giving credence to the movement's talking point that factions of the left (specifically antifa) are intolerant and to blame for political violence.

Trump's press conference calls out left wing domestic terrorism

Early reactions from places like Gateway Pundit and Breitbart heaped praise on the speech.

After a weekend that saw pro-Trump media figures on the defensive for the president's initial comments, some were exuberant after his Tuesday press conference.

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