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This New, Lifelike DARPA Humanoid Robot Will Haunt Your Dreams For The Rest Of Time

Update: And now Google owns them.

Posted on July 12, 2013, at 11:46 a.m. ET

Update 12/14/13: The New York Times confirmed late Friday that it has completed its acquisition of Boston Dynamics, the company behind the robots below.

This is Petman, DARPA's already terrifying, walking robot. But it's about to be replaced...

By this terrible machine-beast, Atlas. Atlas is 6 feet tall, has 28 hydraulic joints, articulated hands and feet, and an unflinching desire to see the machines rise again.

Here it is pretending to conduct a symphony...a symphony of human suffering.


This is what Atlas looks like as it chases you through the nightmarish halls of your mind.

Normally, we'd suggest you head to higher ground, but that's no use...

Its gymnast-like balance means you can't knock it over.

What about tripping it? Sure, go ahead and try to trip it. That should wor--Nope.


The machines are here.

Stay vigilant.

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