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The Subtle Design Gems And Internet Easter Eggs You Never Knew Existed

Little Big Details reminds us to appreciate the little things.

Last updated on December 23, 2013, at 1:08 p.m. ET

Posted on December 23, 2013, at 1:08 p.m. ET

If you live in a city long enough, you start to notice little things: small architectural quirks and bits of invisible infrastructure in your surrounding environment. They're tiny, fascinating bits of detail that are a reminder of the attention and care that goes into building something at a grand scale. The excellent Tumblr Little Big Detail highlights hundreds of worthwhile Web and app design Easter eggs and reminds us that the same is true on the internet and in most software. Here are a couple of favorites:

In iOS 7, the clock app icon is always animated to show the correct time.

If you hover over Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, it animates like a slot machine and offers up some other possibilities for how you're feeling.

In your Tumblr dashboard, the activity tab shows a small graph of your actual past post activity.


Google Maps includes alerts, if there's bad weather in the area you're looking at.

If it's a relatively short distance, Google Maps will suggest you walk instead of drive.

The on/off button on iOS 7's flashlight icon switches positions when you use it.

Facebook's notification globe changes depending on your location.

Check out hundreds more at Little Big Details.