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The Sad And Amazing Unplayed Songs Of Spotify

This holiday season, Spotify wants you to find it in your heart to click on an unloved track. It may just change your life.

Posted on December 11, 2013, at 12:11 p.m. ET

Like most social networks, Spotify recently released its year in review roundup, cataloguing some of the site's biggest milestones and bits of user data. Most of the facts are pretty flattering for Spotify (for example, I somehow streamed 44,511 minutes — or 30-plus days — of music this year) however, as we noted back in October, Spotify has made an effort to point out that roughly 20 percent of its songs have never been played a single time. That's about 4 million songs!

In an effort to bring that number down, Spotify is urging its listeners to "discover a random #undiscovered track," even providing an easy to use playlist. Spotify bills this as an initiative to "help us get every song played," but what the service has really done is to supply us with a neat list Spotify's loneliest, most unloved tracks.

Earlier we speculated that these unplayed songs would be bizarre, but even we weren't prepared for what we saw. For example:

There's a whole bunch of eclectic music.

...And THIS.

This, too.

In fact, there's a lot you missed...

The most popular book EVER got very little attention from you heathens...

And just look at this great baby advice that's falling on deaf ears!

Oh, and I suppose you guys are just going to let the DOGS suffer too, eh? Monsters.

Seriously, if you'd just have paid attention, you'd know how to scuba dive by now...

And you may have even hypnotized yourself with rainforest noises into finding true love!

Here's one unique strength you don't have: reaching your maximum potential via Spotify.

But, luckily, there's still time. To rebuild. To heal.

To go out and get what's coming to you...

So this holiday season, find it within your heart to lavish attention on one of these poor little songs. It may just change your life (or help you navigate the space-time continuum).

Here's the full, though not even remotely comprehensive Spotify #undiscovered playlist: