The 12 Best Prisons On Yelp

Yelp: It's like Lonely Planet for career criminals.

12. Points for 'respecting personal space' at Manhattan Central Booking (1.5 Stars)

11. North County Correctional: the perfect place to incarcerate a loved one (2 Stars)

10. There's not much to like about San Mateo County Jail, but it's a great place to shed those winter lbs... (2 Stars)

9. PB&J all day at Twin Towers Correctional Facility in LA! (3 Stars)

8. It's about location, location, location at Alameda County's Santa Rita Jail (2.5 Stars)

7. San Quentin may be one of the most ruthless prisons in the world...but have you seen the gardening nooks? (2.5 Stars)

6. You might just stumble upon the best cheese sandwich you've ever had at Elmwood Correctional Facility (3 Stars)

5. You'll find religious tolerance and one pretty chill Rabbi over at Riker's Island (3 Stars)

4. You can get some culture at the museum in Folsom Prison (3.5 Stars)

3. Metropolitan Correctional in Chicago gets points for plenty of natural light! (3.5 Stars)

2. Make new friends and learn new things in West Hollywood Jail (4.5 Stars)

1. And at Sing Sing, they'll even keep the lights on for you! Five Stars!

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