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Snapchat Wants You To Stop Using Shady Third-Party Developers

"When you give your login credentials to a third-party application, you’re allowing a developer, and possibly a criminal, to access your account information and send information," the company said in a blog post today.

Posted on October 14, 2014, at 12:25 p.m. ET

The Associated Press

In a company blog post this morning, Snapchat cautioned its users against installing third-party developer apps, after over 200,000 Snapchat photos leaked this weekend due to a breach of the third-party app Snapsaved.

While Snapsaved quickly took responsibility, Snapchat warned its users that the company has not "provided a public API to developers" and "prohibit[s] access to the private API we use to provide our service," in order to protect user data and log-in information. The company went so far as to remind users that some seemingly attractive third-party apps might even be traps set up by criminals to harvest personal data and private data.

According to the post, the company says it will continue to encourage Apple and Google to prune third-party apps that access the Snapchat API. And while the company refused to share any information, the post seems to hint at the possibility of a future public Snapchat API.

"Don't get us wrong - we're excited by the interest in developing for the Snapchat platform - but we're going to take our time to get it right," the post reads. "Until then, that means any application that isn't ours but claims to offer Snapchat services violates our Terms of Use and can't be trusted."