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Hey! I'm a senior technology writer here at BuzzFeed News. For the last five or so years I've written about the daily madness of technology and the internet, including: harassment and trolling; how the big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have changed just about everything in our lives; and the rise of new "Upside Down" world of the pro-Trump media. When I'm digging into and reporting on these things, there's tons of great stuff — interviews, analyses, smart things I've read — that doesn't always make it into stories. That's where this newsletter comes in.

Basically: I spend a ton of time reporting on/thinking/writing about all the awful, strange, bewildering, and dystopian stuff so you don't have to. And then I put it all in a nice little email and deliver it to you. Think of it as an email from that friend who's always going down weird rabbit holes online and bringing back wild stories and souvenirs.

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