Philly Radio Station Releases Video Of Chris Christie Falling Off A Chair

The video was shown at Philadelphia's annual Wing Bowl and was apparently payback for Christie supporting the Dallas Cowboys.

PHILADELPHIA – Popular Philadelphia sports radio network 94WIP released a video on Friday of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie falling off a chair during a visit to its studio.

The footage was released during Philadelphia's annual Wing Bowl, a boozy, raunchy chicken-wing gobbling contest held in the early morning.

WIP host Angelo Cataldi, who lives in New Jersey, said he released the footage because he was "appalled by Christie's decision to cheer for his beloved Dallas Cowboys in owner Jerry Jones' box during the team's playoff run, including during Week 15's Cowboys-Eagles game in Philadelphia."

Philadelphia Eagles fans – many of whom live in South Jersey – consider the Dallas Cowboys bitter rivals.

Christie appeared on the jumbotron at Wing Bowl to deafening boos and chants of "Dallas Sucks and so do you!"

The video played and then began to loop to a chorus of laughter and Benny Hill music. Some people threw plastic cups half full of beer in disgust, freeing up hands to flip off the screen.

"[Christie] made a calculated decision to be a Cowboys fan and sit in the box with [team owner] Jerry Jones," one reveler said. "He knows the people he represents and where he's from so he brought it on himself. Philly hates this guy."

A station executive who runs all of CBS Philadelphia's radio affiliates said they waited on releasing the video for months – Christie visited the studio in June – and decided to use it when he was seen embracing Jones during a recent playoff win.

Christie's team knew about the video, the executive said, and asked WIP not to show it. "But it's something else" the executive said. "I give it 50-50 odds of showing up on the Daily Show."

BuzzFeed News has requested comment from Christie's spokeswoman.

A spokesperson for 94WIP emailed BuzzFeed News to refute the CBS executive's statement that Christie's team asked WIP to take the video down. Per the spokesperson: "Christie's side knew we were videotaping. They knew we had the tape and at no time were we asked for the tape or told not to use it. They left the studios and that was the end."

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