Periscope Is Eating Away At Meerkat And Here's The Chart That Proves It

Sometimes being first to market isn't always best.

Topsy / Via

Meerkat, the darling livestreaming video app of SXSW faced stiff new competition yesterday when Twitter finally rolled out its own app, Periscope, to the iOS app store. The app does many of the same things and features a sleek interface and design that many are finding preferable to Meerkat. And in just the first day it seems to have severely chipped into Meerkat's dominance, judging by links users are tweeting to both sites on Twitter.

According to Topsy, Periscope has caught up to Meerkat on Twitter in just 24 hours. Yesterday, there were 23,693 tweets linking to Periscope URLs and just 24,029 linking to Meerkat livestream URLs. The day before, Topsy recorded 28,631 Meerkat livestream URLs on Twitter.

It's anecdotal evidence, but still compelling and quite possibly foreshadowing an intense battle to be the mobile livestreaming app of choice.