One Out Of Every Five Spotify Tracks Has Never Been Played

So many lonely songs. Won't you help them?

Spotify celebrated its fifth anniversary this week and, to celebrate, released an infographic highlighting some of the finer moments of the streaming music services career. But for all the impressive facts, one tidbit, buried in the post and confirmed by the Radio and Internet Newsletter, stands out among the rest: roughly 20 percent of Spotify's song catalog — four million songs — haven't been played a single time.

Now, that may sound high but if you've ever been hunting through the backwaters of Spotify's music catalog, this makes a bit of sense. While top tracks get promotion through the site's Discover tab and featured playlists, the service also hosts millions of peculiar sound effects, meditation tracks, instructional tapes, and songs from obscure, user-submitted artists.

Now, we can't be sure, but we poked around and here are a few songs we think are good candidates for having never been played. If you're feeling charitable, give them a click and let's get that number down!

Finnolia Sound Effects - Aircraft Lavatory Ambience

Various Artists - Tortoise Mating Call

Wildlife - Animal Growling/Haunting Screams

Finnolia Sound Effects - Dailup Modem Dialing Connecting Connection Fails

Holistic Healing Library - Beat Racism

The Birthing Partners - Baby Pink Noise

Toriano Sanzone - Chapter 15-2 Doggie Yoga Maneuvers