People Are Mad Hillary Was Left Off Some Front Pages After Making History

Front pages of the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and others failed to show an image of the Democratic candidate after she was formally nominated for president.

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton made history, becoming the first woman to claim a major political party's nomination for president of the United States.

It was, by all accounts, a milestone moment for the former first lady and secretary of state, as well as women across the country, but on Wednesday morning one detail was absent from many newspapers: the nominee's picture.

While almost all of the country's major newspapers led with the news of Clinton's nomination, many — including the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, the Buffalo News, and even the Arkansas Democrat Gazette — chose to feature images of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who gave a lengthy speech last night touting his wife's accomplishments.

The omission of Hillary on the night she "put a huge crack in the glass ceiling" left many arguing it was proof of an enduring sexism inside the media and the country at large.

Is Hillary on the front page of any newspaper? From what I'm seeing & hearing, (white) men are making history...

Hillary Clinton, first woman to win the presidency! Let's put a big pic of her husband on the front page!

Wait - which Clinton did the Dems nominate last night? Thought it was Hillary so why is Bill's pic on front page?

WaPo even managed to get Bill and Bernie on the front page not Hillary Clinton. #YouHadOneJob

Hillary Clinton gets the nomination. Her husband gets the front page photo?

@chicagotribune Newspapers Are Making Themselves Irrelevant, Exhibit A.

@chicagotribune Was someone confused as to which Clinton accepted the nomination?

@chicagotribune Fixed it for you! #WeMadeHistory

The New York Times also did not print Clinton's picture on its A1, but did find room for some of her female supporters.

I get that papers wanted a pic from last night & Hillary wasn't there, but @nytimes at least put WOMEN on the front page.

Though Clinton did not appear in person in Philadelphia on Tuesday, she did greet the crowd at the end of the evening via satellite, providing ample opportunity for newspapers to feature her image from the arena.

Both the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal used the nominee's telepresence appearance on their front pages — although it appears the Journal's early print edition featured an image of Bill instead of Hillary.

At some point overnight @WSJ decided "Hillary Clinton Wins Nomination" headline needed a picture of Hillary. #picks

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