'Emoji Nation' Is Art History, According To The Internet

Your favorite works of art, updated for the online era.

Nastya Ptichek, a Ukrainian artist, was toying around on her phone recently when she had a revelation of sorts: many of the emojis she'd been using had begun to resemble well-known works of art. She began to pair the emojis with famous paintings for a series she's titled "Emoji Nation".

Her first series is mostly emoji reinactments like this one of Degas' Ballerinas.

Next, she began to insert them into works by Edward Hopper. In Ptichek's re-imagined Summer Evening, the result is rather poignant.

The series then moved on from emojis to include prominent icons from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Her most recent installment is centered around error messages in other, more traditional works.

You can find more of Ptichek's work here:




All images reposted with the artist's permission.

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