Chinese Olympic Swimmer Fu Yuanhui Shocked Fans By Talking About Her Period

Fu Yuanhui is basically all of us when we're PMSing.

You probably already know Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui for her charming post-race interviews and hilarious facial expressions. She's been a big breakout star of the Rio Olympics.

On Sunday, Fu gave a particularly candid interview and mentioned that she got her period the night before the race.

"Actually my period started last night," Fu said. "So I'm feeling pretty weak and really tired."

Many women in China only talk about their periods in private. Even then, it's more commonly referred to as "the great aunt" (in Mandarin, "Dà Yímā") or simply "that."

That's why Fu's frank remarks were such a revelation. And Chinese fans were quick to applaud Fu for talking about her period so publicly.

Some commenters noted how important it was to dispel the myth that swimming on your period is somehow unsafe or unhygienic.

Just to clarify: It's totally safe to swim while on your period.

It's not gross or unhygienic — especially if you're wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. And there is no evidence to suggest that it's dangerous.

You keep doing you, Yuanhui.

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