16 Little Ways To Keep Anxiety From Ruining Your Life

Get a better understanding of what makes you anxious and how to deal with it.

Raise your hand if you've felt personally victimized by anxiety.

1. First, understand what anxiety is — and what it isn't.

2. Recognize the difference between anxiety and stress.

3. Keep an anxiety journal to find out what's making you anxious.

4. Name your anxiety so you can view it as an outside thing, rather than an annoying part of you.

5. Practice grounding so you can use it when you start to panic.

6. Take big, deep belly breaths.

7. Just go ahead and accept that your anxiety might be a little worse if you didn't enough sleep or had way too much caffeine or spent the whole weekend partying.

8. Vocalize your worries with someone you trust.

9. Talk yourself down with simple reassuring phrases.

10. Dump out all your negative thoughts and worries on a notepad before bed.

11. Try thinking about something in a problem solving way, rather than an anxious way.

12. Imagine yourself taking off your anxiety glasses and giving yourself a break.

13. Schedule time for your anxiety.

14. Expose yourself to your triggers and let yourself fail, repeatedly.

15. When your schedule is jam packed, try to feel gratitude instead of anxiety.

16. Have resources ready if your anxiety becomes too much for you to manage on your own.

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