Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweets About The Size Of His Rocket, Going Commando

TMI, dude.

Elon Musk was a bit quick to fire on Monday night, tweeting blue jokes about both the size of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket ("is it more about the way you use it?") and his underwear preference (none at all, you'll be glad to know) within just a few hours.

Here's his response to a tweet asking how big the Falcon 9 rocket is...

Or is it more about the way you use it? https://t.co/VvqgOX3XFJ

And another apparently on his underwear, or lack thereof.

I'm not *saying* they're related, but … https://t.co/p5d2zkC7e7

... which was actually a reference to another joke about not wearing underwear he made earlier in the day.

@rolandscahill @TeslaMotors Wearing anything at all is just a conspiracy by the capitalist running dogs of Big Underwear

Musk, a prolific tweeter, scored virtual fist bumps from his fanbase with his locker room banter.

@elonmusk I love your twitter so much. Subject goes from AI to dick jokes 😂 Lawd please make #ElonAfterDark a thing

Some even joined in...

@elonmusk Getting it up more than once is a good start. 😏

The timing of the tweets is noteworthy, given that Tesla recently fired a female employee who sued the company over allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. Not to mention the tech industry's reputation when it comes to bro culture.

Did @elonmusk just seriously make a dick joke? What kind of culture is Tesla building? https://t.co/er90OWrlAF https://t.co/v1p9OiMVPi

But whether or not Musk's tweet sheds any light on how he runs his business, some felt Monday's repetitive junk jokes were just icky.

Elon Musk is your friend in high school's dad who could never detect the line so just crossed it constantly https://t.co/sCJQcygJtp



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