Instacart Customers, Take Our Survey On Tipping

BuzzFeed News is doing a survey on Instacart and tips to try and figure out if customers are aware of recent changes to delivery workers pay.

Instacart rolled out some changes to its platform recently regarding how its drivers get paid. Initially, the company said the move was to help stabilize or increase earnings. But after some shoppers complained about losing earnings, and an analysis of their pay stubs backed them up, CEO Apoorva Mehta told BuzzFeed News the wage decrease for top shoppers was necessary for the company's continued growth. You can read more about that here.

One of things these full service shoppers were most upset about was losing tips, which are no longer set up as a default. Many of them say customers have no idea their tips aren't going directly to the person who dropped off their groceries. We want to find out if that's true. If you're an Instacart customer and have been for longer than two weeks, you can take the survey below.

Please only take the survey if you're an Instacart customer. If you've never used Instacart, or are a shopper, or just like taking online surveys, we kindly ask that you refrain from participating in order to protect the integrity of our findings. Thank you!

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