Apple Just Changed The Sexting Game

Come on, everyone knows what the "Invisible Ink" feature is really for ....

Apple announced a bunch of new features for iMessage today, one of which, 'Invisible Ink', the company seemed to think would be great for fun surprises like engagement announcements.

But the good people of Twitter know what this slide-to-reveal image feature will really be used for: 🍑

Apple just made the sext game 5x better with the invisible ink photos in messages.

Apple is the greatest when it comes to helping girls strengthen their nude sending game. That Invisible Ink thing finna be lit to shits

That's right. Move over sliding into her DMs, step aside Snapchat, Invisible Ink is here:

"Invisible ink me that______ if it's cool" #WWDC2016 Apple is out here just delivering Yo Gottil lyrical inspiration on a silver platter

Big news, indeed.

This is, of course, a good time to remind men: the only thing worse than an unsolicited dick pic is a surprise unsolicited dick pic. 🍌 🙅

Apple has found a new way (invisible ink) for guys to send dick pics....😒 #WWDC2016

Apple just made dick pics for women more terrifying with invisible ink. #WWDC2016

if Apple on stage is already recognizing the awful, um, risk behind "invisible ink," then like, that can't end well for anyone

But for consenting adults who enjoy exchanging 💦 pix, Invisible Ink could be just the trick to never accidentally sharing n00dz with your boss or an Apple Genius bar employee ever again.

Awkward moment at the Apple Store Genius Bar: when the tech guy's looking at your iPhone and *DING*!! A dirrrty sext pops up on your screen.

Of course, some enterprising souls have already come up with other ways to take advantage of this newfound privacy...

Side pieces rejoice! Invisible ink! #wwdc #Apple #WWDC2016

Oh yeah, with that invisible ink I can cheat in peace now 🌚

Some of the other iMessage features announced today could be, uh, repurposed. There's a handwriting feature, for example, and emojis are three 🍆 times 🌽 bigger 🍑 !

Full screen effects and invisible ink? Apple just took sending nudes to the next level #WWDC16

However iPhone users end up using these new features, one thing is clear:

Apple introducing an invisible ink feature for iMessage and the game literally got 10 times filthier.

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