People Are Using The #HandsOffMyBC Hashtag To Protest Trump's Birth Control Coverage Rollback

The new rules will allow employers to stop covering contraception for employees based on religious or moral reasons. People are using the hashtag on Twitter to speak up.

The Trump administration issued two new rules on Friday that will roll back Obamacare’s mandated birth control coverage.

As a result, many are turning to Twitter to speak out about the roll back in contraception coverage, using the hashtag "#HandsOffMyBC."

Your employer should absolutely ZERO business in your private health decisions #HandsOffMyBC

Birth control helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Women have fundamental human rights. They are not incubators. #HandsOffMyBC

Why is birth control more regulated than weapons? #HandsOffMyBC

I'm a Christian. This is not about my religious freedom. This is about controlling women's sexuality. That's all this is. #HandsOffMyBC

WOMEN TRIED T0 TELL YOU: It Was Never About Abortion And Always About Women's Right To Control Reproduction. #HandsOffMyBC

I am a man, but I use women's birth control. I don't have to pay for it, or take the pills, but I use it all the same. #HandsOffMyBC

Others used the hashtag to talk about the different uses of birth control.

I recently found out that I am infertile. I also have PCOS. I take birth control to treat those symptoms. #HandsOffMyBC


I used to pass out from the intense cramps I got from my period. Literally, my roommate would find me on the floor. So, #handsoffmyBC.

I’m a lesbian who took birth control for years to help alleviate severe endometriosis. #HandsOffMyBC

My Nexplanon has made it so I don’t get a period anymore. Now I don’t have to miss class/work because of debilitating cramps. #HandsOffMyBC

Some expressed concern about employers and bosses having the ability to opt-out of coverage.

#HandsOffMyBC Honestly, it's not about the BC for me. It's about my employer deciding his religion trumps my doctor.

I use birth control because I want to have sex and not get pregnant. And my access to BC shouldn't depend on my boss or job. #HandsOffMyBC

I love that my employer gets more say in what I do with my body than I do Said no woman ever. #HandsOffMyBC

And the new monthly costs that could result.

And if her employer stops covering birth control she will be out $50 or more each month for a medically necessary u…

When my wife got an IUD, that cost impacted the household budget. It was paid for from the same $ we used to pay fo…

In the meantime, four groups have already said they would file lawsuits against the Trump Administration over the new rules.

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