Twitter Has Banned Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, And Ron Watkins For Spreading QAnon Delusions

The social platform is permanently suspending accounts “that are solely dedicated to sharing QAnon content.”

Twitter is permanently suspending major accounts that are “solely dedicated to sharing QAnon content,” following the far-right insurrection at the nation’s Capitol.

Banned accounts include former national security adviser Michael Flynn, Trump attorney Sidney Powell, and 8kun co-owner Ron Watkins, who some journalists and researchers have speculated has the log-in information for the account "Q," whose posts fuel the mass delusion, but doesn’t necessarily write Q’s posts.

“We've been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm, and given the renewed potential for violence surrounding this type of behavior in the coming days, we will permanently suspend accounts that are solely dedicated to sharing QAnon content,” a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. The move was first reported by Ben Collins of NBC.

BREAKING: Twitter is taking dramatic action on remaining QAnon accounts for breaking their "Coordinated Harmful Activity" rules, some of whom heavily promoted Wednesday's storming of the Capitol. Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, 8kun's Ron Watkins banned. Twitter's statement below:


In July, Twitter removed thousands of accounts associated with QAnon and blocked trends relating to the mass delusion.

Today's move comes days after the platform took unprecedented action against President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Twitter locked the president’s account, removing his ability to post, for 12 hours after the president incited the insurrection at the Capitol.

If the president breaks Twitter's rules one more time, the platform has said that it will permanently suspend him.

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